The architectural office AMSA provides a specialized technical and integral service in the construction with more than 20 years of experience.


We are your best reference


The professional team AMSA formed by graduates in architecture and engineering, mix experience and the highest technical rigour.

The adoption of a multidisciplinary format is part of our goodwill of service: have specialized technicians allow us to offer a complete and unitary answer for each requirement that suppose the conception and development of any property project.




The brothers Ángel and Laureano Martínez founded AMSA, in its contemporary configuration, in 1992. However, the true origins of the enterprise are in the ancient business family dedicated to the promotion and construction of buildings.

In its years of activity, AMSA has experimented a logic development. This has caused various changes of the study location, as well as the configuration of the professionals that integrate the human team of the enterprise.

This evolution also express across the change of the projects typology. AMSA combine assignments for private citizens (buildings, refurbishing, and interior design…) with the realization of the projects for the administration (equipment, constructions…).


Accordingly, at present, the challenges of the enterprise are:


• Consolidate our contemporary position in the sector.

• Strengthen our structure as enterprise of services, optimizing resources and improving the quality.


As a policy of enterprise, and with the objective of guarantee a service of quality, AMSA Architecture has developed a meticulous methodology of work that has ended in the obtaining of the certification ISO 9011 for the totality of the techniques processes of the project and management of construction.  


AMSA offers the solutions for the chances that the professional world of the architecture is living nowadays. Far from the idea of an out-of-date organization, that sometimes let to think in a study of architecture as an artisanal studio, set out its work with an enterprise philosophy of services.


Our starts of actuation are:


• Enlarge continuously the satisfaction of the clients; accomplish the agreements, the rules applicable and others requirements assumed.

• Respond the requirements and needs of the community, especially of the development of the projects sustainable.

• Guarantee to the professionals, the level of formation, motivation, and the technique ways necessaries for the efficient development of its activities.

• Involve with the own values of the discipline architectonic.

• Progress in the implantation of new technologies.

• Execute a continued improvement of the system, for enlarge the quality of the projects and optimize time and resources.


Ángel Martínez (through AMSA Arquitectura) has carried out all the phases of the construction of a single family home and the result can’t be more satisfying. His dynamic of working is very exhaustive and tough with himself, thus, he achieves very consistent and coherent results from the beginning until the end of the project. He displays a complete technical domain, transmitting this knowledge with clarity and passion, however, that doesn’t suppose any hindrance to value any proposal. He’s one of the professionals with the largest vocation of the service for the client that I’ve met, thereby he generates a confidence climate with a very good communication. Personally, he is respectful, careful, participatory and with a pleasant and a close dialog. Having worked with him has been an incredible experience.

Service and attention unbeatable, thoroughly satisfied.

As a client of AMSA Arquitectura, I consider that the best definition that describes his team is excellent, due to its high level of request, commitment, implication and professionalism. Having put my trust in the architecture team, I can only show my satisfaction for the work done. Congratulations to maintain that high level of commitment with the client.

A very good experience and satisfaction with all the team of AMSA Arquitectura. I express my gratitude to Ángel Martínez for his great professionalism in the work done, especially in the comprehensive rehabilitation of a building, which it wasn’t an easy task. He has the good qualities in order to have a satisfactory result, by his experience, complete implication, participant, committed, decisive… Lucky to have a professional like him.

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